Services Provided

The Platelet Research Laboratory has wide experience in the study of basic mechanisms involved in hemostasis and the pathogenesis of thrombosis and bleeding disorders, as well as in the careful analysis of congenital and acquired deficiencies of hemostasis, and its correction through pharmacological and transfusion strategies. The Platelet Research Laboratory has complete equipment and well-trained staff.

Services available include:

  • Studies on primary hemostasis and platelet function.
  • Diagnosis of congenital and acquired disorders of platelet function.
  • Design of experimental and clinical protocols with drugs affecting hemostasis, coagulation and vascular responses.
  • Evaluation of hemostatic agents in models with circulating human blood.
  • Evaluation of antiplatelet therapy in in vitro thrombosis models with circulating human blood.
  • Screening of antithrombotic drugs.
  • Study of mechanisms of drugs affecting hemostasis.
  • Analysis of blood-biocompatibility of stents and prosthetic devices.
  • Assessment of interactions between elements of vascular wall (endothelial cells) and circulating blood cells.
  • Quality control of blood components. Search for synthetic substitutes.

All the studies, tests and procedures that are carried out at the Platelet Research Laboratory are strictly regulated by the applicable national and international bioethical rules.

Consultation, Technical and Scientific Advice services are also available.