Welcome to the Platelet Research Laboratory

This site provides a brief description of the Platelet Research Laboratory aims and services as well as some basic concepts about platelet function and the importance of its study.

The Platelet Research Laboratory focuses its efforts on the study of basic mechanisms involved in alterations of hemostasis the involvement of the vessel wall and their implications in the pathogenesis of thrombosis.

The main objective of the Platelet Research Laboratory is the careful analysis of congenital and acquired deficiencies of hemostasis, and its correction through pharmacological and transfusion strategies. This site will also consider the critical role of modifications in the reactivity of the vessel wall in dysfunctional hemostasis.

The need of transforming the promise of the genomics and proteomics revolution into a pipeline of safe and effective new drugs is a key challenge of pharmaceutical companies. Another important objective of our laboratories is to help breaking the bottleneck in drug discovery.

To achieve these objectives we actively contribute to the development of the following research lines:

In-depth knowledge of the mechanisms involved in the interaction of platelets with vascular surfaces and with other physiologic cell types (leukocytes and erythrocytes) or pathological (tumor cells).

  • Endothelial cells physiology and pathology.
  • Evaluation and screening of antithrombotic and prohemostatic strategies.
  • Production of safer and hemostatically effective blood derivatives for transfusional purposes.

The Platelet Research Laboratory employs state-of-the-art technologies and well-defined experimental models that take into consideration vascular flow conditions.

Platelet Research Laboratory
Hospital Clínic – IDIBAPS
Barcelona, Catalonia

Our Videos

Slide in Platelet-Rich-Plasma Optical Aggregation Morphology Platelet Spreading Platelet Slide Annular Chamber Thrombosis Flat Chamber

in Platelet-Rich-Plasma Perfusion System Perfusion System
Slide Adhesion
Bleeding The Platelet Function Analyzer

and blood ppressure loss and Aggregation PFA-100® System
Slide Physiological Hemostasis

Our Videos

Slide in Platelet-Rich-Plasma Optical Aggregation Slide Morphology Platelet Slide Spreading Platelet Slide Thrombosis in Platelet-Rich-Plasma Slide Annular Chamber Perfusion System Slide Flat Chamber

Perfusion System
Slide Bleeding and blood ppressure loss Slide Adhesion
and Aggregation
Slide The Platelet Function Analyzer

PFA-100® System
Slide Physiological Hemostasis